Fast-SAXS-pro Server and Download

Currently using Fast-SAXS-pro Version 4.1 (Feb. 2014) (Webservice not available - please email for downloads)

Note: This SAXS method is the extension/update of previous Fast-SAXS (Yang et al, 2009) and Fast-SAXS-RNA (Yang et al, 2010) versions.

This server enables a user to upload a PDB file and compute its theoretical SAXS profile. The PDB file can be of protein, DNA, RNA, or their complex. The coordinates can be at an atomic level, or a corase-grained level. For example, Ca atoms of a protein alone are sufficient.

If you use the fast-saxs-pro service in a publication, please cite:

Krishna M Ravikumar, Wei Huang and Sichun Yang. Fast-SAXS-pro: A unified approach to computing SAXS profiles of DNA, RNA, protein, and their complexes, J. Chem. Phys. 138 024112 (7 pages) (2013). [PDF] [DOI]

Calculation time: Normally less than 10 seconds using a recycled Linux box.

Upload a PDB file: (atomic-level or coarse-grained such as Ca atoms)

To start the calculation, press the botton below:

The software is available for download (tested on Linux 64-bit; may work on Mac) - please email directly for the latest version .
How to use:
In addition, source codes are available upon request (please email).

March 12, 2014: Web-version implementation via the O(N) scheme according to Watson and Curtis (J Appl Crystallogr 2013, 46, 1171 (2013)).

March 6, 2013: The size-limit is increased to 100,000 atoms (including water).

Fast-SAXS-pro Version 2 (Jan. 2013) and Version 4.1 (Feb. 2014)