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(Click for lab website)


To download the Schrödinger software, please visit the Download Center (login required):


As of September 8, 2017, the current release version is 2017-3 (just released yesterday!).

Just in case, I have a copy downloaded already for Windows and MacOS, which will be provided either by USB key or CD.

It may take a while to download given its large size (about 4GB).

  Now take a break (say, 10 min) while downloading ...

Installation on your laptop

Before we start, make sure you are within the Case campus network, either by connecting through


If you are using the CaseGuest wireless, you may need to activate



Start by

  1. Double-clicking setup.exe 

Wait for several seconds ... follow the instruction by clicking some 'yes' or 'next' buttons.

  2. "Installing software" ... and wait (depending on how old your laptop is) 

... after several minutes (hopefully), then clicking more 'next' using the default (unless you know what you are doing).

    "Installation completed successfully!" ... click 'OK'

Now find the file



    C: --> Program Files --> S